Paver Patios & Walkways

Every part of your home is an investment. Including your exterior surroundings such as walkways, driveways, patios and landscaping. Kohls Hardscaping has the experience to tailor your design to incorporate all aspects of your expectations and home’s architectural style. Paver patios are not all created equal, we only install quality materials and with our expert installation process, we ensure a beautiful and durable patios. You can compliment your patio with features such as fire features, pergolas, sitting walls and outdoor kitchens.

Benefits Of Pavers Vs. Concrete:

  • Installed correctly, cracking, buckling and separation are virtually non-existent
  • Repairing damage or stained pavers is much less expensive than patching and replacing concrete. Simply remove and replace damaged pavers with new ones.
  • Pavers virtually will not crack
  • Pavers come in a variety of styles, colors & textures
  • No curing time – they can used as soon as installation is finished

Existing Concrete Patio?

Let us evaluate your existing concrete slab and see if it is possible to overlay new pavers on top of your existing slab. Overlaying pavers is an economical way to transform a boring patio into a beautiful new living space. We can also expand the size of your patio and leave the existing slab in place.

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